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  • VUIM-60-LED

VUIM-LED-60 Vehicle Underneath Inspection Mirror

Vehicle inspection mirror

VUIM-LED-60 is a durable under vehicle search mirror, designed for detailed searching of the underside of vehicles in conditions of insufficient illumination.

The search mirror has a large convex wide-angle mirror for maximum observation, which is mounted on a tough wheeled base, and a detachable LED lighting panel with variable illumination brightness. The LED panel is mounted on a carriage by magnetic holders. If necessary, the LED panel can be detached and used as a lantern.

The carriage is moving on 4 small dimension rotary wheels, which makes it possible to roll it under vehicles of low clearance. Each wheel rotary unit is equipped with 2 bearings, which allows to turn the carriage without jerking.


  1. 4-wheeled carriage with embedded glass spherical mirror 290 x 320 mm;
  2. 60 LED illumination detachable panel (6 x AAA, not included) with variable brightness;
  3. Detachable telescopic or dismountable handle;
  4. Protective carrying bag;