IMLED-1500 Telescopic Bar, LED Illumination

Listed in Anti-Terrorism

Inspection mirrors kit for security services, customs, police, and rescue services.

The mirror kit is designed for visual inspection of inaccessible places, including in poor lighting conditions;

  • in engineering systems for various objects status examination;
  • in customs clearance when solving problems and controlling passenger and freight transport;
  • in the aftermath of emergency situations (examination of debris, inaccessible areas);
  • for inspection of public utilities (wells, lifting equipment, sewers, etc.);
  • during the inspection and maintenance of vehicles;
  • for special operations of emergency and security services.

Mirror equipped with LED illumination of inspection area with two brightness modes. 6 high luminocity LEDs are embedded into aluminium, shockproof head. 

Inspection mirror telescopic bar lenght and mirrors sizes can be made according to customer requirements.


  1. Telescopic bar (520mm-1510mm) with 6 LED head (batteries not included) -1 pcs
  2. Convex mirror Ø142mm -1 pcs
  3. Mirror 126mm х 68mm -1 pcs
  4. Carrying bag - 1 pcs