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ST-154 Multizone Distributed Monitoring System

ST-154 Multizone Distributed Monitoring System
Building RF Monitoring
Distributed Monitoring System
ST-154 Multizone Distributed Monitoring System
Building RF Monitoring
Distributed Monitoring System
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ST-154 Multizone Distributed Monitoring System
RF Monitoring
Distributed RF Monitoring System
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ST-154 detector description:

The system is intended to detect of unauthorized radio communications signal transmission within the supervised area:
  • Meeting rooms and offices;
  • Exam rooms and testing facilities;
  • Prisons and correctional facilities;
  • Areas with limited use of cell phones, radios, etc.
The main unit of the system is the control module (hereinafter CM). CM performs the reception and analysis of signals at remote, distributed locations.
Detection area of the CM depends on many factors and the estimated average value is from 10 to 50 square meters. The appearance of illegal signals is displayed by light and sound signalling directly on the CM or transmitted via ETHERNET or WLAN to the checkpoint computer. 
The checkpoint computer can be any Windows-compatible desktop computer, laptop or tablet that has been installed special software.
Round-the-clock monitoring of radio environment and the event log are provided.

ST-154 detects:

  • RF bugging devices;
  • Сell phones and modems (CDMA450, GSM 900, GSM 1800, 3G)*, wireless data transmitters (4G, WLAN, BLUETOOTH 2.4 and 5 GHz), cordless phone systems (DECT) as well as special technical devices using these data transmission standards;
  • Analog radio transmitters.

*the settings of cellular frequencies, depending on the country and mobile operator, are provided.

Key features:

  • Simultaneous monitoring from 1 to 128 local areas;
  • No special training is required;
  • System is highly configurable;
  • Data transmission over wired (WLAN) and wireless (ETHERNET) networks;

The remote detection module is composed of:

  • Radio-receiving unit with a separate highly sensitive circuit for 3G band.
  • Transceiver for providing communication via WLAN (ST154.W) or ETHERNET (ST154.E/ST154.E+POE) networks;

The remote detection module has:

  • Connector for power supply;
  • Power switch;
  • SMA connectors for connecting RF antennas;
  • LED alarm;
  • USB connector;
  • RJ-45 connector (only for ST154.E/ST154.E+POE);
  • WLAN antenna (only for ST154.W).
Parameters of light and sound alarm are set via the USB port.

ST-154 configuration options:

The minimum configuration consists of the only CM with the light and audible alarm indication (ST154.A). Presetting is performed via the USB port.
This option is intended primarily for the radio environment control within the one room.
To cover more than one room in a multi-story building is a variant with alarm transmission to a checkpoint computer via WLAN (ST154.W) or ETHERNET (ST154.E/ST154.E+POE) using a specially created or existing network.

ST-154 Software features:

The configuration of the CM can be performed both individually and for the whole system. Also, there are many adjustable options. There are special patterns of the ignoring frequencies for the cellular, mobile and wireless data bands.
Each CM is assigned its virtual image that allows watching changes of the radio emission in the real-time mode.

For convenience, virtual images are placed on the screen, for example, in accordance with the floor plan of the supervised area.
The direction finding mode for localization the source of transmission is available when using multiple modules configuration.
The silent logging mode is always enabled and there are a lot of options to sort events depending on required criteria.
Configuration the ETHERNET and WLAN networks allow operating the device in the existing network infrastructure.

ST-154 technical characteristics:

Frequency range 25-6000 MHz
Threshold sensitivity, dBm  
CDMA450, GSM900, 1800, 4G -80
3G -100
The maximum input level, dBm -5
Interface USB
Indication OLED display 160x128
Power supply Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Consumption current, mA not more than 500
Dimensions without antenna, mm 109x60x27