• Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance equipment

We are happy to announce we added a new range of products to our list - covert surveillance equipment. It includes following products:
  • Analogue transmitters and specialised receivers with a built-in audio recorder. Transmitter power from 20mW to 700mW;
  • Digital and encrypted audio transmitters and receivers;
  • Two in one telephone line and acoustic room monitoring transmitters;
  • Digital transmitters capable of transmitting audio signal over 220V mains lines;
  • Stereo audio transmitters digital and analogue;
  • Stereo/mono stethoscopes with transmitters;
  • Remote ON/OFF control of transmitter or audio/video recorders with feedback;
  • Store and forward audio/video transmitters. Information download over GSM or WiFi channel;
  • Video cameras with pinhole lenses and various types of camouflage;
  • Professional mini audio recorders which are not detectable by non-linear junction detectors;
  • And much more...
If you might find these products interesting, feel free to contact us for a complete catalogue with the prices.