Biruch C04 explosives detector

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The explosive detector C04 Biruch using innovation methods successfully detects explosives in gas phase and particles form with extremely high sensitivity, not reachable by other explosive detectors
It was confirmed during inspection of personal belongings, baggage, mail, parcels, packages, vehicles, buildings, etc even in smoky and dusty environment, without extra tools, without the risk to fail due to excessive explosive concentration and without long term cleaning and service procedures. List of detected explosives can be expanded even in field conditions.

Device operation is based on the principle of nonlinear dependence of ion mobility on the electric field.


  • Direct non-contact detection of TNT vapor and less volatile explosives, including RDX and HMX, as well as Nitroglycerin, Ethylene glycol dinitrate (EGDN), Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PENT) and its compounds, Semtex, Cyclotriacetone Tripperoxide, Ammonium nitrate, Dynamite;
  • Detection of traces of low-volatile explosives on the surface using a piezo desorber;
  • Direct operation in smoky and dusty areas, without usage of extra tools and without the risk to fail due to excessive concentration of explosive vapors;
  • Explosives detection by using defining points, allows confident detection in wide range of temperatures and humidity;
  • Self-cleaning and automatic protection against concentration overload – detector stays in operable mode without long cleaning procedures;
  • Expandable list of detected explosives via USB or Bluetooth connection, or directly via detector interface. Entering new explosives can be done even by operator in field conditions without a computer.
  • Small size and weight, long-term usage under the operational situation.


  • Explosive detector С04 Biruch.
  • Safety cover.
  • External power supply GS60A18-P1J or of similar characteristics.
  • Power cord.
  • Piezo desorber evaporation chamber.
  • Removable filter grids (3 units).
  • Users manual.
  • Device passport.
  • Passport to the sources of ionization radiation (2 units).
  • Packing case for storage and transportation.


Parameter Unit Value
Sensitivity to TNT vapors, not worse g/cm3 10-14
Analysis time, not more sec 2
Detection certified and sensitivity measured for explosives - TNT, RDX, HMX, PENT
Start time from stand-by mode sec 6
Distance of vortex sampling, range mm 60-100
Operating temperatures range 5-50
Battery life for mixed operation mode hour 6-10
Dimensions, LxWxH mm 350x103x94
Weigth, max kg 1,7