Pinhole Camera Detector GCU-OSD15

Listed in Optical Camera Detectors

Compact portable device for individual use is designed for detection of small-size video surveillance cameras, camouflaged in the interior items, clothing, household goods, handbags, cases and etc. Device allows detecting operating and switched-off cameras equipped with micro lenses (incl. pinhole).

Device has 2 sources of illumination (red and green) and 2 modes of operation (constant and impulse for both channels), thus increasing detection accuracy if compared to single channel detectors.
Technical Characteristics:
Angle of view, grad 10
Magnification 3x
Operating distance up to 25 m
Source of illumination
Type light-emmiting diode
Wavelength 625/525 nm
Functional capabilities
- light-emitting diodes can operate in constant/pulse modes
- 2 channels of illumination: red and green
Power supply
Type of source 3V CR123A
current consumption on maximum load 30 mA
Continuous operating time under the normal climatic conditions, no less than 8 hours
Physical characteristics
Weight 240 g
Overall sizes 91x75x50 mm
Degree of protection IP65
Operating conditions
Operating temperature range -10°C...+50°C