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DTSH261 share the same features of tiny size, high quality sound recording and low power consumption, which make them a perfect choice for covert audio surveillance.

The sound is captured with 10 bit resolution at sampling frequencies from 8 to 22 kHz and saved to internal 4 GB memory uncompressed or with 4bit ADPCM compression.
DTSH261 features professional audio codec with 10 bit ADC for super high quality sound recording, battery charging circuit and programmable button.
DTSH261 voice recorder support Voice Activation System for batery and memory saving, circular record modes and optionally can be implemented with RTC for time scheduled recording. The distance of recording up to 12 meters in silent room with audio source 85dB.

Technical Characteristics:
Voice digitization 10 bit
Sampling frequencies 8, 11, 16, 22 kHz
Compression 4 bit ADPCM
Speed Up to 88 kb/s
Format Wav
Recording Frequencies 100 -10000 Hz
Range record Up to 12m
SNR 70 dB
Internal memory 4 GB
Recording Time (memory) 143 hours (10bit, 8Khz, μlaw)
Battery Li-Pol 120 mAh
Recording Time (Battery) Up to 53 hours
Schedule recording YES
Recording Mode Mono
Operating Mode Select Slide Switch
Protection Level Password
Type of Charger and computer connection USB, Multi-language support
Power consumption depending on sample frequency:  
VAS standby 2-2.5 mA
8 kHz 5.5-7.5 mA
16 kHz 7.7-9.8 mA
22 kHz 9.7 -12.7 mA
Sensitive microphone (mV/Pa) 30
Dynamic range 71dB
Verify recording files Digital signatures
Software to encrypt, decode and secure recording files Yes
Dimensions ( H x W x L) 5 x 35 x 52 mm
Weight 15 gram
Operating Temperature 0 – 45 C degrees